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French Translation Services


Elite TransLingo provides reliable, and professional French translation and proofreading services with the help of more than 150 experienced native French translators. If you need your website or your document to sound professional to the native French audience, you have come to the right place for accuracy and professionalism.

Our Project managers will make sure your document is assigned to the right translator for the right specialty and within your own budget expectations.


Quick Facts About The French Language:


  • Today French It is spoken as a first language by 51 million people.

  • French is used as the official language of 22 countries, and it is used as a co- official language in countries such as Belgium, Canada, Haiti, Madagascar, and Switzerland.

  • Modern French belongs to the group of so-called “Romance” languages.

  • The French spoken in Canada( in the Province of Quebec), differs from standard modern French as a result of Quebec’s political isolation from France , which comes after the defeat of French colonial armies by British empire in the Battle of Montreal .


Elite TransLingo understands that even the slightest difference in a dialect spoken or written might have a great impact on some customers’ impression regarding certain product or servic,hence a lot of customers trust their materials delivered to Elite TransLingo for French translation and proofreading services.  

Affordable Translation Rates with Reliable Quality


Our rates for French translations are affordable and competitive comparing to other  translation companies and our quality is always reliable. Our satisfied customers are ranging from the small firms and individuals tot big companies and corporate clients, not to mention that we cover all specialties for the French language including; French Legal translations, French medical and French technical translations as well.


One-stop Language Shop For All Your French Translation Needs


Elite TransLingo can deliver any kind of French translation with extra high quality and with the most affordable rate in the market. You do not need to consult different parties with different quality perspectives, Elite TransLingo project manage your French translations and deliver to you the best quality in the market with the best prices.




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