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Professional and certified document translation services with affordable rates , delivered on time, with high quality and accuracy.

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Website and software translation and localization services covering more than 150 languages with low cost and at your own fingertips.

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Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for corporate clients and individuals with high quality , and competitive prices.


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Medical Translation and Interpretation Services

Covering the following materials:


  •  Medical applications.                 

  •  Medical presentations.

  •  Medical documents.

  •  Medical patient records.

  •  Medical prescriptions.

  •  Medical brochures and manuals.

  •  Medical software and multimedia.

  •  Medical research.

  •  Other medical related materials.


In addition to the reliable medical translation services provided by Elite TransLingo, our company also offers over-the-phone medical interpretation services for patients that does not speak the English language. We can even send our professional interpreters to hospitals and clinics for easy communication between the doctor and the patient, our interpreters are ready to accompany the patients in every visit to the doctors for a better communication.


Our medical translation service is professional, on time, and within your own budget. Ask for any language and we will provide it for you.

Certified Medical Transcription Services in San Francisco and the Bay Area, California.

At Elite TransLingo, we also provide Certified Medical Transcription Services for doctors, individuals, hospitals and clinics. We always include a certification of accuracy with our certified medical transcriptions , in that certification you will see  our stamp, signature and our company seal. So do not reply on some poor quality vendors, contact us now for your certified medical transcription services.


Professional Medical Translation & Interpretation Services In San Francisco and The Bay Area, CA

To bridge the gap of communication between doctors and patients, Elite TransLingo is providing high quality medical translation services both in the US market and overseas. Our translation services cover all kinds of medical reports, catalogues, patient records, presentations, researches, and even medical books.

At Elite TransLingo , we understand that  every word  counts in the medical field, if a doctor does not understand a  patient’s history from a previous document  in another language , the consequences for the patient might not be that happy. We are always helping hospitals and private clinics to understand and translate any documents they might need  into any language they might ask for.


Elite TransLingo is proudly serving the local hospitals and medical centers in San Francisco and the Bay Area, CA. We even send our translators and interpreters right to the doors of our clients.

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