Translation Services

Professional and certified document translation services with affordable rates , delivered on time, with high quality and accuracy.

Localization Services

Website and software translation and localization services covering more than 150 languages with low cost and at your own fingertips.

Interpretation Services

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for corporate clients and individuals with high quality , and competitive prices.


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 Our Software Localization Includes


Three Main Features:


        1- Graphical user interface translation.

        2- On-line help and support files translation.

        3- Documentation translation.

Throughout the early development phases of the software, phases of the software,  it is recommended to consider the translation and the localization options  of your software beforehand.


Our Company's Localization Process


Adheres To The Following Steps:


  • Receiving the software materials & evaluating its required localization options.

  • Adopting a technical assessment technique with any cultural , Social, or background natures involved in the project.

  • Making terminology glossaries if required.

  • Starting the translation process into the target language.

  • User interface localization, and management.

  • Translating any graphics, scripts, pictures or media files.

  • Building and compiling the localized files for testing.

  • Quality assurance management for the final product.

  • Delivery the final localized project.


Professional Software Translation Services


Software localization is more than just a simple translation of the software with its user interface, and support files, we at Elite TransLingo are making software localization reach more levels of adaptation and cultural integration, Our translators and localizers make sure to render a translated version of the software that adapts the target cultural, linguistic and technical requirements. In today’s competitive market, you do not need a standard software translated in one language or two , you need to conquer new markets, new cultures, and new audiences with a comprehensive understanding for the materials at hand .We are here to help you accomplish this goal and to serve you a professional work within your budget expectations.




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