Translation Services

Professional and certified document translation services with affordable rates , delivered on time, with high quality and accuracy.

Localization Services

Website and software translation and localization services covering more than 150 languages with low cost and at your own fingertips.

Interpretation Services

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for corporate clients and individuals with high quality , and competitive prices.


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Technical Glossary And Terminology

We at Elite TransLingo always make sure to provide you with the correct technical jargon and terminology in all the translations.

Because we believe that technical glossary is a very important factor in any consistent technical translation. At the beginning of any project, we make sure that you will receive a technical glossary


 from our project managers, which list all unique industry-specific technical terms used related to your specific industry and to your project.

Our Technical Manual Translation Services


Cover The following Materials:

  • Medical manual translations.

  • Electronic manual translations.

  • Engineering manual translations.

  • Aviation manual translations.

Using Translation Memories

We at Elite Translingo use translation memory tools as per our customer's requirements in the technical translations to help bring more accuracy and consistency in the translation itself. It will also help saving our customers a lot of time and money in the long term. Our technical translation tools are always updated.  

  Professional Technical Translation Services



Technical manuals explain for the user how to use an instrument or certain tools. And it is very crucial to get your brochures, flyers, and manuals translated in a professional manner to keep the loyalty of your customers towards your company, or to your brand name. 


 We at Elite TransLingo with our specialized technical translator teams in all fields of industry are always ready to help our clients to  provide high quality professional technical manual and brochure translation services with low cost.


We also provide desk top publishing and translations for the images, drawings, and diagrams that you might have in your manual, and at the end you will receive a replica of your original manual but in the language of your choice.