Ecommerce website translation

eCommerce Website Translation & Localization Service

eCommerce-TranslationThe world of eCommerce, and international trade needs online retailers to address buyers in their own language in order to gain bigger market shares. That’s just a fact.

In the world of eCommerce, the user’s experience (also known as UX) is key to securing sales and loyal customers. The better their experience, the more sales you could get. Being able to understand a page in one’s mother language can form an integral part of a positive user experience. In countries like Canada where there are two primary languages, you can already see the convenience and utility of having both languages available when purchasing. You can find out more about the impact multiple languages would have on the experience of your website here:

Need more to convince you? eCommerce, and online stores transactions – whether through personal PCs or Cell phones – are growing day by day. Between the year of 2014-2015 alone, eCommerce transactions through mobile phones grew more than 35%. Not to mention the growing Asian, South Asian, and South American markets. This was the statistics of a time when this present pandemic condition was not even imagined. But, since the pandemic has turned the world upside down, more people faced the need to order online by making online payments, in order to avoid physical contact. This information tends to be the result of an analysis of mobile payment providers. These pieces of information show how important it is to localize and translate your eCommerce website, especially if you provide worldwide shipping. By translating the contents of your eCommerce website, you can address your target audience in their own language no matter where they are. Thus improving their user experience and making it more likely to earn a sale.

At Elite TransLingo, you do not have to worry when it comes to translating any part of your eCommerce website. From your product descriptions to your customer reviews; we do it all on your behalf.

We can also localize the contents of your eCommerce website to make sure it appeals to your target buyers in the countries of your choice. That’s because our long years of experience in the translation market enabled us to develop highly specialized eCommerce translation teams over the years. At Elite TransLingo, we can cover over 100 languages with high quality and at affordable rates. Our translators are professional linguists with background experience in almost all the eCommerce fields of industry.

Multilingual SEO Services

As part of localizing your eCommerce website, we also translate and localize the SEO contents of your online store. After all, you may have spent a lot of time on your SEO and made use of resources from companies like Victorious to make sure your content has the reach you want it to, so it would be a shame to lose it in translation. Our multilingual SEO translation service includes but is not limited to; product keywords translation, website SEO title translation, and SEO description translation. By doing so, your product can reach, and appeal to more target audiences who are looking in their own counties using their own languages in different search engines around the world. At Elite TransLingo, we also give multilingual cultural advice and recommendations for businesses that are planning to launch their products overseas.

Tips for Having a Successful Localized & Translated eCommerce Website:

  • Decide into which target market audience you would like to sell, translate, and localize your product or service for.
  • Think about redesigning your website with Top Level Domain (TLD) for each country of your choice.
  • Get your website contents and information handy, including your HTML, CVS, and XML files..etc.
  • Think with a localization vision, Elite TransLingo can help you understand the nature of each culture.
  • Put into your consideration a localized mobile friendly version of your new eCommerce website.
  • Approach your product description with human translation service vs machine translation.