E-Learning & Training Translation

E-Learning and Training Translation

With E-learning and Educational translationthe new educational technology and fast internet connection nowadays , education is not just the traditional idea of attending regular classrooms in a university location, on specific times anymore. Education now becomes available for anyone who is willing to learn from the convenience of his own home or work location, and within his own preferred time through attending virtual classes over the internet which is referred to as the word “E-learning”. Workplaces are encouraging their employees to pick up on extra learning and build on their skills so they can be dynamic members of their team, that is why using resources like this as well as skills tracking software can help bring a workforce together so they are all working to the best of their ability.

The only thing business owners might need to be mindful of is that while providing cross-training to their employees, they must keep it simple and strategic. Organizations, for example, can use microlearning strategies to help employees learn processes more effectively. This is due to the fact that microlearning trends appear to have enabled organizations to easily and quickly update learning content. Companies can quickly and easily deploy any updates to the content, such as a policy change or the addition of a new product feature. This may also allow organizations to keep their training content up-to-date.

There are lots of names for the word ” E-learning” ranging from “Distance Education”, to “Electronic and online learning”, not to mention the word “internet learning” and many other words. You can learn a wide variety of things from the internet videos and tutorials, like web designing, marketing, languages, and so much more. People who benefit from these tutorials and e-guidances only have appreciations for the process of distance education through the internet and computer. We at Elite TransLingo have been providing professional E-learning translation services for individuals, educational institutions, and private universities since 1995.

So when addressing certain audience in a different country, or even in the same country but speaking a different language, it is very essential to address your students in the same language they speak. By doing so, you will communicate your information more efficiently, and help your students understand better in their own native tongue.

At Elite TransLingo , we translate all kinds of E-Learning material, ranging from E-books, Classroom Cessions, lectures, notes, and many other information that might be needed. Our translators are specialized in all sorts of the education industry whether it is Engineering, Technical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Legal , or Computer and IT, you will find our highly experienced translators familiar with all the jargon and technicality of the materials you need to translate.

Customers and Employee Training Translation, and Localization Services


At Elite TransLingo, we provide professional customers training translation, and localization services to help you compete in your market niche by translating your customer’s training programs into their own language. We also translate and localize Employees training materials and cessions, to help maximize work-power productivity, and eliminate potential mistakes at workplace , when addressing your employees in their own mother languages.

Our professional training translation, and localization services include the following:

  • Audio and Video training materials
  • Subtitles and Voice-over training materials
  • Course Modules and PowerPoint Presentations
  • E-Learning documentations for training purposes
  • One-On-One Employee training cession tutorials
  • Safety, Production, and End User Training Manuals
  • Employee Handbook, and Manuals Training Materials
  • (SAP ®) training cessions (Platform-based e-Learning)