oil and gas translation Oil and Gas  Translation 

The oil and gas industry has been empowering the 20th-century thanks to the rapid and continuous oil and gas ( the black gold) exploration that was initiated by “The Hamill brothers” in Texas, and other places around the world. Nowadays every machine, car, plane or equipment is running by either Gas, oil or its derivatives.

We at Elite TransLingo are experts when it comes to oil, and gas translation services. With years of experience in the filed, and with dedicated professional and experienced translators, we can assure our clients the best possible quality translation when it comes to the oil and gas industry, together with the most affordable oil and gas translation rates in the market.

“Dependability, Reliability & Professionalism” is our Slogan

In today’s oil and gas exploration market, there is no place for mistakes, that is why a lot of clients choose to go with Elite TransLingo for their energy-related technical translation services including oil and gas translations. Not to mention the fact that we are quality fanatics working with professional human language experts only. We also care about the confidentiality of all and every piece of information received, so rest assure that your oil and gas documents that are needed for translation are in safe hands!

Elite TransLingo covers over 100 languages with high quality, and low cost including; the Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, and many more languages including the rare ones such as the Zulu and Swahili languages. We have been working with a variety of oil, gas, and energy-related documentations including but not limited to :

  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Exploration and Strategic Assessment
  • Construction legal Contracts
  • Oil and Gas Documentations
  • Health and Safety documents and Manuals
  • Oil and Gas Bid Documentation
  • Technical and CAD Drawings
  • Pipeline Inspection Reports
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Downstream and Upstream Documentation

Clean and Solar Energy Translation  

Solar translation servicesOther than the oil and gas industry translation services, Elite TransLingo is also working with clean and renewable sources of Energy translation services. At Elite TransLingo, we are helping both local businesses and many organizations in the US. We are also doing technical translations for Europe, Canada and all over the world. We also went green! So we do support all kinds of Solar and clean energy document translation services. We also provide special volume discounts for big translation projects.

Just contact Elite TransLingo today to qualify for our Green Energy translation services discounts this includes but not limited to translating and localizing clean energy and solar-related documentation. Including any legal paperwork involved in the clean energy industry. Not to mention Solar and clean energy-related employee handbooks, and all kinds of safety manuals..etc.