Malay Translation, Proofreading, and Localization Services

Malay Translation Services Malay is one of the official languages of Singapore , and the national language of Malaysia and Indonesia. Malay belongs to the Austronesian family, and it is spoken by over 270 million people in Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia and all over the world. Malay is part of a closely related forms of speech known as the Malay languages. Malay Languages spread spread across Malaya and the Indonesian archipelago by Malay traders from Sumatra.

At Elite TransLingo with over a decade of experience in the translation and language services, and with over 700 professional native Malay translators, we are confident that we can meet any Malay translation , proofreading , and Localization services you might need. Other than the translation and proofreading services, our Malay language services extend to include Malay localization, Malay interpretation, and Malay voice over services as well.

Professional , High Quality Malay Website Translation and Localization Services

If you need your website to reach your target audience in their own native language, then it is very important to address the language barrier stopping many of your prospective Malay clients to read your website in their own language. At Elite TransLingo, we have been providing professional Malay website translation and localization services over the past decade. Our main goal is to bridge the gap of language barrier and communication between our clients and their respective customers.

Certified Malay Translators For Any Subject, Any Document, Any Specialty

Our Malay Translators are certified , accredited, and experienced linguists, who are specialized in all the fields of the industry. Including but not limited to the fields of: Education, History, Engineering, Medicine, computers and Information Systems, biochemistry, Poetry, Literature, Science, Technical Marketing Brochures, Flyers and Manuals.

All of our certified Malay translators and Malay interpreters have to pass strict language tests before they are accepted to handle any project at Elite TransLingo.  We also do protect the privacy of your Malay translation, interpretation, and localization materials, so rest assured that your Malay documents will be in good hands.

The process of ordering your professional Malay translation, interpretation or localization services is fast, free and easy. Just use our online quotation form to upload your files for a free Malay language quote. One of our trained project managers will get back to you momentarily with a price estimate and expected delivery time to have your documents professional translated into or from the Malay language and with a smile!