Pashto Translation, And Interpreting Services


Pashto Translation ServicesPashto belongs to the Indo-European family or the Northeastern Iranian Language group. There are four alternative spelling and pronunciations for the word Pashtu; Pashto, Pukhto, Pakhto, and Pushtu. Pashto is the official and national language of Afghanistan. The Pashto language is spoken by more than 60 million people both in Afghanistan and around the world.

There are two main dialect groups in Pashto: The southern and northern Pashto dialects. Pashto is also the second largest spoken language in Pakistan, especially in the Pashtun regions of the country. Other communities of Pashto speakers are found in Tajikistan and many countries worldwide, especially in the Arab Gulf counties like Saudi Arabia, Emirate, Kuwait, and Qatar.

We at Elite TransLingo have been pioneers in the Pashto and Dari translation, proofreading, and localization services for over a decade. Our customers range from local clients to multinational organizations. Our Pashto translators and interpreters are native professional linguists with more than five years of experience in Pashto and Dari translation. Our Pashto language experts are ready to accept and translate your document in a seamless translation project management environment. Besides the Pashto translation and interpretation, we also do Pashto localization, voice-over, and transcription services.

Affordable Pashto Translation Rates with Reliable Translation Quality Levels

Our rates for Pashto translations, interpretation, localization and proofreading services are affordable and competitive. All translations and proofreading are done by native human Pashto translators only. Unlike other competitors, we do not use any kind of machine translations to deliver our final translated documents. We only use Translation memory tools sometimes for the general quality and consistency purposes of the final translation. All of our Pashto translation and proofreading services are accomplished by the same translator before delivering the final translated work. We also offer a second additional proofreading and editing services by different Pashto translators and linguists to maximize the quality levels of our Pashto translation services. Before delivering the Pashto translation to the end client, our translation project manager will make sure that the translation is equivalent in its format and layout to the source file.

Certified Pashto and Dari Translators For Any Subject, Any Document, Any Specialty

Our Pashto and Dari Translators are certified, accredited, and experienced linguists who are specialized in all the different fields of the industry. Including but not limited to the fields of Education, History, Engineering, Medicine, computers and Information Systems, biochemistry, Poetry, Literature, Science, technical marketing brochures, flyers, handbooks, and technical manuals.

All of our certified Pashto and Dari translators and interpreters have to pass strict language tests before they are accepted to do any project at Elite TransLingo.  We also do protect the privacy of your Pashto and Dari translation, interpretation, and localization materials, because we sign strict Non Disclosure Agreements with all of our local Pashto and Dari translators and interpreters. Not to mention our rigorous confidentiality measures that include safe transfer and disposal of documents and information both online and inside our company offices.