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Brochure and Marketing Translation Services


Employee HandbookIn today’s competitive global market, it is always recommended to get your brochures and marketing documents professionally translated and localized to keep a marketing edge over your competitors. We at Elite TransLingo are always helping our customers promoting their business ideas, and market goals  in a variety of languages for a better communication and understanding of the global market place. For example, in the US market alone the numbers of Hispanic, and Asian speaking communities are enough proof for any organization to reconsider their marketing strategy and address those communities in their own languages for a better market share.

With over a decade of experience in the marketing translation and localization fields, and with our specialized marketing linguists, we can always provide our clients with extra high quality brochure and marketing translation services for any language they might ask for, and with the best competitive rates in the translation market. Elite TransLingo also provide marketing research and brand name consulting services from different language perspectives, as it is always better to know what your brand means in a different countries before launching any new product or service in a specific market.

 Accurate and Confidential Marketing Translations


Quality Brochure Translaiton-ETLAt Elite TransLingo , we make sure to protect the privacy of your brochures and marketing documentations. No matter what kind of document you might have, you can send it to us with no worries about privacy issues, because we sign a strict non-disclosure, and NDA agreements with our professional in-house translators and consultants. Other than the strict privacy procedures we follow, we also adopt a rigorous quality assurance measures in all the different phases of our translation process from start to finish. Not to mention that all translations are accomplished by native human linguists only with years of experience in the marketing and brochure translation fields.  All translations are proofread and edited before delivered to the end client to ensure the highest possible quality in all of our translated projects.


Brochure and Manual Translation Services by Specialized Linguists and DTP Engineers


Our Specialized linguists and Desktop Publishing engineers are providing an accurate, professional brochure and manual translations that make Elite TransLingo a pioneer when it comes to professional brochure and manual translation services in the state of California and allover USA. Other than our perfect quality and privacy measures, we also have the most affordable and competitive rates in the translation and localization markets. We always give our clients a discount for big volume projects, in addition to providing 30 days free support for our translated work. Elite TransLingo is also covering all areas of expertise specially the marketing field. We always provide language consultation and market advises for those who are making market surveys, and marketing studies from any language perspective. In short, Elite Translingo is your one-stop Language shop for your professional brochure ,manual and marketing translation needs.


We Deliver a Replica of your Manual or Brochure in The Target Language of Your Choice.


To reach your target audience , Elite TransLingo can help you accomplish this goal through providing a brochure and manual translation and localization for your source file in the same formats and with the same diagrams and pictures localized and translated into the language of your own choice.  We can handle any formats including but not limited to : Adobe InDesign files, Adobe Illustrator files, HTML files, PHP files, XML files, .ppt files, .pptx..etc.  For this reason Elite TransLingo  can provide an accurate, professional and comprehensive localization and language solutions for corporate clients and individuals , with high quality and within the most affordable rates in the market.Take advantage of our affordable and professional high quality brochure and manual translation services, and contact us now for a Free Quote.

 Our  Brochure and Marketing Translation Services Cover The Following Materials


  • Advertisement and brochure translations                                               Advertising Leaflets Translations

  • Multimedia and marketing software translations                                  Posters and Booklets Translations

  • Prints and business cards translations                                                     Technical Brochures Translations

  • Marketing presentation translations                                                         User Guides and Catalog Translations

  • Marketing campaigns translations                                                             Instructions Books Translations