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Language Interpretation and Certified Document Translation Services For the US Government

Government Translation ServicesElite TransLingo is a pioneer in the field of state and federal government translation and foreign language interpretation services. with over 150 languages provided , and 3000 local professional native translators all over the united states, We are able to meet all your government requirements for any translation or interpretation services even through it were one of the rarest languages and dialects spoken in United States. Our company been providing satisfactory and quality translation and language services for US government, municipalities, cities , states, charter schools, and local offices in the state of California, and all over the United States Of America since 2009. At Elite TransLingo we are committed to meet all Government requirements for any government contract , government agreement, or Request For Proposal ( RFP) that we sign. Our deadlines are sharp, our translation quality is unparalleled, and our language services are exceptional.We have many recommendation letters from local state, and federal government offices that we have been translating for in California and all over USA, which other translation vendors can hardly provide.

Confidential Government Translation Services 

At Elite TransLingo we have a strict Non Disclosure and Privacy measures when it comes to our translation services in general, and the translation services provided for government offices in particular. All of our translators who do translations for the US government are local native language experts with accreditation and degree in translation. We do not reassign or subcontract government work to any overseas vendors as many other translation vendors do. All of our translators and interpreters are local linguists who are screened for confidential work with our company. They are instructed to distroy any documents in their computers once the translation is completed. And all documents are handled either by hand or through a secure email server with antivirus scanning feature. Last but not least, we instruct our language specialist to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with our company to maximize the confidentiality of the documents handled for government translation purposes.

 Rush Government Translation and Last Minute Language Interpretation  Services 


At Elite TransLingo we always meet any rush translation or last minute interpretation requested from the US government. Because we have been translating in the US market for a long time, we have a pool of certified and accredited translators, and interprets  in all kinds of languages, and all specialties waiting to accept your project. we know exactly what the government, state and federal departments needs when they want any rush translation service. Unlike other translation vendors, we do not compromise quality or efficiency for any rush translation or interpretation services provides. We do not over charge rush translation fees , and our translation services are always delivered on or before the deadline.