Birth Certificate Translation Services, Certified & Notarized

Birth Certificate Translation ServicesBirth certificate translation services that are; certified and notarized is what we do for over a decade. Translating a native certificate from Mexico, South America, or any other foreign country, is not a problem anymore. With Elite TransLingo, we can translate, certify and notarize your birth certificate for all kinds of official purposes. Including immigration and USCIS, foreign embassies, passport use…,

With Elite TransLingo we translate all birth certificates, and all languages including; Spanish birth certificates, Portuguese birth certificates, Chinese birth certificates, Vietnamese birth certificates, German birth certificates, Arabic birth certificates, French birth certificates, Japanese birth certificates, Italian birth certificates, Farsi birth certificates, Hindi birth certificates, Russian birth certificates, Korean birth certificates, and over 100 more languages.

Our company does not just use a ready- format in any translations. Also, we do not use machine translations with catchy prices like many phony online services do. Our birth certificate translations are rather professional, accurate, and highly formatted. %100 accepted for official purposes including United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). At Elite TransLingo, our translation business maintains an excellent reputation and happy clients for over a decade of operation.

Certification of Accuracy, and Translation Affidavits

With each and every translation, we include a translation affidavit or a “certification of accuracy”. In addition, we print the affidavit on our company’s letterhead with our company’s stamps, and signatures, for the translations to be used for official purposes. Also, the certification of accuracy or the translation affidavit contains a notary public stamp, and its signatures for acceptance with all kinds of official use both nationally and internationally including but not limited to the USCIS…etc.

Receiving Your Translations

Finally, and after we certify and notarize your Birth certificate translation, we always send you two copies, one by email as a printable PDF document for immediate use, and another original certified copy will go in the mail to your home or business address as a complementary service that is free of charge.