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Technical Manual Translation Services


Technical manual translation-ETLThe dictionary definition for a technical manual is ; ” a Document containing instructions for installation, operation, use, maintenance, parts list, support, and training requirements for the effective deployment of an equipment, machine, process, or system”.Knowing that such documents are highly technical, it is very important to know which company or translation vendor you send your technical manual to be translated.We at Elite TransLingo have been working in the technical translation field for over ten years. We built a solid database of specialized and accredited technical translators for over 100 languages.Our translators are not only native linguists , but accredited and certified translators with years of experience in translating technical manuals and related technical materials in all fields of industry.


Automatic Technical Desk-Top Publishing Work During the Translation Process


At Elite TransLingo, you do not have to assign the desktop publishing part of your technical manual to another vendor after it is translated. Because we are a one-stop language shop , we also translate any diagrams, drawings, or illustrations that might be included in the technical manual itself. Our Desktop Publishing engineers, and our technical project managers will be able to help you step by step in all the different phases of the technical translation process. At Elite TransLingo, we support all kinds of file formats,including but not limited to: Adobe illustrator, InDesign,Photoshop, Autodesk , AutoCAD, and CorelDRAW files.

The Use of Technical Terminology List and Technical Translation Memories


As a quality assurance measure in all of our technical manual translations, we consider Technical terminology lists as a must-have in all of our technical translations,because it helps deliver more consistent translation work on the entire manual. So before we even start in your technical manual translation, our translation project manager will work on a technical terminology list on the language(s) that you choose. At Elite TransLingo we sometimes use translation memories as per our clients request and for a better consistent translation quality on the entire technical manual.

Our Technical Manual Translations Include


  • Engineering and Construction Manual                         Operating Device Technical Manuals
  • Employee Handbooks and HR Manual                        Device maintenance Technical Manual
  • Electronic and Engineering Manual                              Parts list and operation instructions
  • Healthcare and Medical Device Manual                       Support and Training Technical Documents
  • Technical Device Specifications                                    Aviation and Automotive Technical Manuals