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     USCIS  Government Certified Document Translation Services by Elite TransLingo

USCIS Translation Services

USCIS Translation Services

As a USCIS certified document translation services company, we understand that having a document in your hand is not enough for your message to go through, especially if you are dealing with the Government.

Sometimes you need to translate your documents,  have it certified, and notarized for your message to go through for official purposes. We at Elite TransLingo provide accurate and certified USCIS translation services for organizations, groups, and individuals.

At Elite TransLingo, We provide certification of accuracy and notary services for any document as per our customer’s request. Our certified document translation services are approved and accepted by the USCIS. In addition to other United States Government Agencies.

Elite TransLingo covers areas such as Marriage certificate translations-Police Record Translations- Divorce Certificate Translations- Birth Certificate Translations- College Degree and School Transcripts Translations- Bank Statement Translations, General Letter Translations- Patents- and Legal Contract translations. In addition to Official Brochures and Technical Manuals Translations. We also offer 24 hours of document translation services. Get your Risk-Free document translation service Today!

100% Approval Of  Our USCIS Document Translation Services 

If you have a foreign document that needs translation by USCIS, we make sure it is translated according to the USCIS and immigration standards, and according to their specific requirements. Being in the USCIS translation market for more than 10 years, makes us 100% confident that all the translations we do will be accepted.

It is always good to know what kind of document you need to translation for immigration use, and when you should submit your documents for optimal USCIS acceptance results. Give us a call today and get a free translation quote for USCIS purposes.

USCIS Translation Services For Any Foreign Documents, Any Language

Our certified native translators are willing to help you with your USCIS translation services. No matter what language your document is, and no matter where it came from. We can translate your certificate into the language of your choice. Our certified translation are in high quality, accurate, and with our company’s seal and signature on it.

The steps are easy and simple; just email or fax your document or certification that needs translation to our email: , or our fax number  :  (888)487-6569. Once we received your document, we will translate, certify and mail your document to your home or business address. You will receive the certified translation within 24 hours, and with a smile!

At Elite TransLingo, We Provide USCIS Approved Translation Services For the Following Types of Documents : 

  • Birth certificate translation 
  • Marriage certificate translation
  • Divorce certificate translation
  • University diploma translation
  • Marriage license translation
  • School, college and university degree translation
  • School transcript translation- High school diploma translation
  • Passport & immigration translation
  • Visa and USCIS documentation translation
  • Driver license and DMV documentation translation
  • USA apostilles translation
  • Official affidavit translation
  • Death certificate translation 
  • Adoption document translation
  • Medical statement & medical reports translation
  • Immunization & Health records translation and notarization
  • Court hearings, and tax reports translation- Others

Letters, Patents, And Contract Translation Services

Other than our USCIS translation services, we also do certified translation services for legal letters, patents, contracts, and agreements. In today’s globalization and eCommerce market, accurate translations are a must. We do official letters, patents, contracts, and agreements translaiton services. Our legal translation services are important, especially when some courts in certain countries do not recognize any language but their own.

To save our customers the hassle of court ordeals, we make life much easier every time you need to translate a document. Such documents may include a legal letter, patents, contract, or an agreement.

And because we have specialized court certified legal translators and interpreters, you do not have to worry about the legal quality of your translated document.

We at Elite TransLingo protect your privacy and your legal copyrights. because we sign non-disclosure agreements with all of our translators, interpreters, and language specialists. In our relentless attempts to protect your private legal documents when you assign a translation to us.

Brochure, Employee Handbook, and Technical Manual Translations

At Elite TransLingo, we believe that a good company image is reflected by a good translated content. When you translate a document into different languages, you allow your customers see more localized translation content. Hence understand your products better. And even trust the services that you wish to present to your target audience.

Because you do not want your customers to pick up the dictionary and translate every single word and phrase inside your manual or, handbook or brochure, we do this job on your own behalf!

Is your brochure, or manual has technical or medical content? Do not worry we take care of that, and we translate and deliver a replica of your brochure and its images, and diagrams translated and localized into the languages you need, and to the benefit and comfort of your clients.

Official Invitations and Business Letters Translation Services

If you are an organization with an upcoming event and want to deliver a the right message to your clients, then you have come to the right place. We at Elite TransLingo are translating invitation letters for weddings, events, and special occasions. We are also known for our excellent quality translations for business letters and contact information.

Because of our long experience in the translation field, we can handle the difference between casual and business translations. We can even translate your document into the unofficial spoken languages. Just send us your letter and the translation will be ready for you on time. Try Elite TransLingo, and you will be our good customer forever!

Email Correspondences Translation

Whether you need to translate your email correspondence for USCIS or for another legal or personal matter. We are here to help. In today’s e-commerce and electronic correspondences, email translation is a must before it is sent to our business partners, or to our loved ones. Because online translation tools can only deliver an incomprehensible message, you do not have to jeopardize your name and your reputation using such tools.

If you need official certified emails for a legal case, no problem, we can help with that. We certify your translations and send an official document with a certification of accuracy to your address.

Our USCIS translation services department can also render flawless email translations if needed for immigration purposes. We always deliver email translation services with accuracy and professionalism. After you send us the emails that you want to translate, we make sure that your emails are translated accurately and professionally by native translators with long translation experience.

Not to mention the fact that your correspondences will be in good hands. Because we protect the privacy of your information. Do not take chances with unknown translation vendors, assign your files with us, and let us take care of the rest!