Four Important Steps for Getting a Successful Employee Handbook Translation Quote

Successful Employee Handbook translation services require four main essential steps that every company needs to follow before submitting their Employee Handbook for a free quote. Below is a detailed description for every step with explanation why it is important before and during the translation process :

1- Preparing a Final Draft of your Employee Handbook

When it comes to Employee Handbook translations, it is very important to prepare a final draft of your employee handbook before starting to assign it for any kind of language translation services. The preparation phase for your handbook is the process of butting together all the legal policies and procedures of your company. Those company policies are the ones where you want every new employee to understand before joining your company or organization, and after and during the employment process as well.

2- Addressing your Employees in their Languages

Once you have the final, legally revised Employee Handbook handy, now comes the second step for addressing your own employees in their native languages.  Therefore, if you company is multi-national, or operating on international scale, or even local organization with employee minorities working onsite, it is very important and essential to address your own employees in the same language they speak. Addressing your employees in their native language eliminates any legal liabilities that might arise as a result of misunderstanding that might happen if the employee misinterpret the contents of the handbook when addressed in English for example instead of Spanish.

3- Understanding the Language Varieties of your Employees

Many clients assign their Employee Handbook Translation for specific language without understanding the target audience or what language variety their employees actually speak. For example, we have the Spanish of Europe, the Spanish of Mexico and South America, and the Standard Spanish. In addition, if we take the Chinese language for example, we will have simplified (Mandarin) and Traditional (Cantonese) Chinese.  Choosing the right language variety first time will save the company, or the organization a lot of time and money during their Employee Handbook Translation process.

4- Choosing the Right Translation Company for Your Handbook 

Now after your prepare the legally finalized version of your Employee Handbook, and chosen the target languages of your employees, it is very important to assign your Employee Handbook to the right translation company or language service provider. Because Employee Handbook is considered (in a way or another) a form legally binding document for your employees, and for your company. Therefore it is essential to assign the handbook translation to an accredited and reliable translation agency with long term of experience in the same subject matter.

Elite TransLingo is an accredited translation service provider that has been helping the local, national and international businesses translating their Employee Handbooks over the past decade. With our professional human team of linguists and legal translators in over 100 languages, we are confident that your employee handbook is translated with confidentiality, and that you will receive the most affordable translation quote for your Employee Handbook. Our prices are the most affordable in the language industry, and our quality is unmatched since we follow rigorous quality assurance measures for all of or our translation, especially for the Employee Handbook translation services that we provide to local, national and international organizations.


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