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Employee HandbookAn Employee Handbook is a tool of communication between the employer and his employees. It describes the rights and obligations of each employee. In addition to the legal right of the employer itself. So it is always important to get your company’s image, goals, mission, rules, and regulations clear to your own employees.

Most companies in the US and worldwide recruit employees from different cultural backgrounds.  Sometimes employees speak a different language. Hence it is essential to communicate your company’s rules in the language of your own employees.

Among our specialized translation services, we offer human resources translation services. At Elite TransLingo, we always help our customers translate their materials into a variety of languages. The purpose of our translations is to achieve better communication between businesses and their employees. Especially when it comes to Employee Handbooks and Human Resources rules and regulations. We also provide cultural research and brand name consulting services from different language perspectives.  Understanding what your brand is referring to and in different countries before launching a new product or service is a big market advantage. Get your Employee Handbook Translation quote, receive a free estimate today, and click here to upload your Handbook file for a risk-free estimate.

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  1. Flexible pricing model with competitive and affordable rates.
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  5. Over a decade of experience in  Human Resources Translations,
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Our HR Translation Services Include

  • Multi-Lingual HR Compliance Documentations                              Human Resources corporate translations
  • Human Resources contracts and vendor agreements                 Official and Certified HR-related documentation
  • Employee Handbooks, manuals, and safety plans                          Over the phone translation for HR purposes
  • Training programs and performance appraisals                            On-site translation for HR purposes

The Benefits Employee Handbook Translation –  Get It Translated Today!

A handbook serves a variety of functions in an organization. It helps employees know about its history, core values, and policies. The number of companies with international expansions has increased tremendously, making it essential to have an accurate and professional handbook translation for employees. In addition, many people do not speak English as a first language. For this reason, you should consider hiring a professional language service company to translate your employee handbook. Not to mention that having an Employee Handbook in the same language as the employees will save the company any legal hassle. Especially those legal consequences of not providing the right documentation in the native language of the employees.

Your company’s handbook is an integral part of strategic human resource management. It outlines the organization’s goals, policies, and procedures and helps employees understand how to get help and support. The handbook also contains safety, timekeeping, and protective gear. This information can be helpful during litigation and will prove the company’s concern for its employees. The handbook can also contain information about the company’s benefits and qualifications criteria. A comprehensive employee handbook can attract talented employees and help it keep up with a globalized world.

The handbook has a significant impact on the productivity of employees. A well-translated handbook will help new employees understand your company’s policies, which is essential to maintain a positive working environment. Additionally, a translated employee handbook will help ensure that your organization has an inclusive culture and fosters employee retention. Your new hire will be more engaged with the company’s values if they understand them. In addition to the benefits of having a bilingual employee handbook, the handbook will be a valuable tool for employees.

Confidential Human Resources & Employee Handbook Translations

At Elite TransLingo, we understand that corporate files, documentation, and employee-related information are confidential materials that should be handled with trust. That is why our company follows rigorous quality assurance and confidentiality measures to ensure the client’s top-quality translation services. At the same time, we make sure to deliver our employee handbook translations at high confidentiality levels.

We sign strict Non-Disclosure Agreements with all of our in-house and local translators to ensure maximum confidentiality for our clients. When it comes to quality, Elite TransLingo is a pioneer in high-quality translations with big-name organizations that trust our HR translation services on a regular basis.

After we translate an employee handbook or any human resources documentation, one of our experienced linguists will review the translation. Because any mistakes in employee handbook translation can lead to legal repercussions, we make sure to proofread the document before delivering it to the final client.  We keep an eye on any typo-es, grammatical, or stylistic mistakes to make sure the end client receives a flawless quality and confidential translation. Contact us today for a free Handbook Translation Quote