Certified and Professional Government Language Services From Elite TransLingo

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Accurate Language Translation Services For the US Government

Government translation official-ETLElite TransLingo is a pioneer in the field of state and federal government translation and interpretation services. With over 100 languages and 3000 local professional translators, We are able to meet all government requirements.

We also serve all dialects for interpretation including the rarest ones.  Not to mention our satisfactory document translation services that we provide for state and federal government agencies. We also provide professional translation services especially for local municipalities, cities, states, charter schools in California, and all over the United States of America.

Because we do have the right resources and expertise, we are able to meet government RFP and contract requirements. Our deadlines are sharp, our translation quality is unparalleled, and our language services are exceptional. in addition we service translation and interpretation services at affordable rates. References are available upon request because we always have happy clients ranging from small businesses to big organizations.

Confidential Government Translation 

We have a strict Non Disclosure and privacy measures for translation services in general, and for government translations in particular. Hence our translators are local language experts with accreditation and experience. They only translate into their native language. And we do not assign or subcontract government work to any overseas vendors. Also we do screening and background check for certain government projects and upon request.

Our translators delete all files, and translations once they complete the project. We also communicate all documents through a secure email server with antivirus scanning features. Last but not least, we instruct our language specialist to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. This will maximize the confidentiality measures we take for government translation purposes.

 Rush Government Translation and Last Minute Language Interpretation  Services  

Thanks to our local translators and interpreter, we can always meet any rush translation and last-minute interpretation requests. At Elite TransLingo, we do not compromise quality in any rush translation service. Not to mention that we do not overcharge rush translation fees. Our rush translation services are always delivered on, or even before the deadline.

Contact us today for your government translation and interpretation services. Our project managers are ready to respond to your questions, and emails 24/7 with professional customer support.