one stop shoptElite TransLingo is your one-stop-shop for all your voice-over services and language needs. One of the unique services we have been providing over the past 10 years is our highly talented voice-over language services. With over 100 voice over languages covered and over 3000 voice over artists, we are proud to meet your voice over language requirements with accuracy, and fast turnaround times. Our voice over talents can mimic and record all kinds of voices from female adults to male adults, and from children to old men and women.

Because our voice-over artists are equipped with the latest recording technology, we can meet any kind of recording quality that is required by our clients. Just ask for the talent you want, and specify your recording quality requirements, and one of our talented voice-over artists will record your voice-over message in the exact specification you might ask for.

Fast, and Affordable Voice-Over Services

VO-ETL-With online voice-over pricing variation from each artist to another, a lot of clients spend endless times searching for the right price that brings them the best voice over recording quality. We at Elite TransLingo, came out with a fixed pricing model for all kinds of voice over projects, and as per our client’s language of choice.

Our voice over service request system is easy and simple, just send us the script of your voice over project using our online quotation form. If your transcript happens to be in English, or any other language, no worries, we can professionally translate your script into over 100 languages of your choice for voice-over purposes. Once you specify the language of your voice over project, and all the other voice over project details and requirements, our voice over project manager will assign your script to our qualified most talented voice over experts. Once the voice over project is completed, our project manager will send you back the audio files securely and in any format, you might ask for, and above all on or before the agreed deadline.

Any Voice-Over Talent, Any Language

VO Talent-ETL-At Elite TransLingo , we cover all kinds of languages from Arabic to Zulu, we can meet your language requirement for the voice-over project of your choice. Our highly experienced voice-over artists are specialized in all the fiends of industry.

At Elite TransLingo, we can meet your voice over talent needs, no matter what talent voice over talent service requirements might be. Whether you need a voice over talent for video games, voice over talent for radio broadcasting, voice-over talent for an educational, or commercial project, or even an onsite voice-over talent in any city or state, we can easily provide you the best professional and local voice-over services with the most affordable rates in the voice-over market.