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Certified Translation Services

"You Can Rely On"

Having a foreign document in your hand is not enough for your message to go through. Especially when dealing with official documents, or operating in multiple markets. As a certified language solutions agency, we are here to help!

It is essential to have your message accurately translated to reach your target audience. And we at Elite TransLingo are helping clients achieve that goal.

Because we provide accurate and certified translation service, your translation quality is guaranteed. Our certified language solutions are helping big organizations, small companies, and individuals alike.

At Elite TransLingo, we cover a wide array of certified language translation services. From certificates to legal contracts and agreements .

Not to mention our highly specialized translation services such as; Brochure, technical manuals, and employee handbook translations. You might also need to have a look at our medical, life sciences, pharmaceutical, financial and government translation services.

All our translators are certified, native and accredited linguists. Our language experts are willing to help you with any certified translation requirements. No matter what language your document is, and no matter where it came from.

At Elite TransLingo we can translate, certify and notarize your document into the language of your choice. Our translations are always in high quality, and accurate. With us, you can get perfect certified translations with affordable rates. We always place our company’s seal, and our certified translator's signature on it.

The steps to receive your official certified translation services are free quick, and easy. Just send your document using our online quoting form. You can also fax a copy of your certificate to our fax number: (888)487-6569.

One of our highly trained project managers will get back to you within less than one hours. You will receive an affordable price estimate. Also we will make sure to send you an accurate turnaround delivery time for your translations.

We will have your document translated, certified, and mailed to your home or business address within 24 hours. Our translation order process is normally fast, simple, and with a smile!

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More than 50 percent of the global consumers prefer to receive products or services in their own native languages. And more than 70 percent of US companies and organizations expect to increase their revenues from foreign markets. Putting those two important localization facts together will show how important is localization is to your product or services.

The word “localization” means to adapt the language of a software, application, or website. That cultural adaptation should meet a specific targeted audience in certain locale or country. The final localization should look, and feel original to the native speakers of that locale, or country. Also the final localization of a product should appeal to the culture of the target audience.

We at Elite TransLingo are pioneers in the localization industry since 1995. We provide culturally-oriented localization services that include software localization, website localization, and IPhone and Android apps localization services. Our clients extend from small companies to multi-million dollar organizations both in the US and overseas.

At Elite TransLingo, we adopt both the high end technology, and the cultural factors in our everyday localization work. While working on your localization project, we carefully take into account your target audience. We make sure that the style of the dialect, grammar and vocabulary is reflecting your client's needs and requirements.

We also do more than just rendering a translation of your website, software, or application. We bridge the gap of communication between two languages, two cultures and two worlds. At Elite TransLingo we take into consideration the cultural significance in our localization projects. Whether it is a picture, a symbol, or a color. We always recommend our client to adapt few and simple changes. That is because we believe that our clients are our business partners, not just a onetime customer.

The steps to receive your professional localization services are free, quick, and easy. Just use our contact form to upload your files in any format. You can also send us an email, or give us a call if you need some help with your files.

One of our highly trained localization project managers will get back to you with an affordable localization price quote momentarily. We will proceed on your localization project, after localization order confirmation. Then we will deliver the final files on, or before the deadline, and with smile!

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When it comes to professional interpretation services, Elite TransLingo covers all the local languages, and expertise in United States. Our certified interpreters are ready to help with all kinds of interpretations. including both the simultaneous , and the consecutive interpretations. We also provide professional over the phone interpretation services in California,and nationwide.

Our certified interpreters are always ready to go to your location. We cover all languages from Spanish to Swahili for a face to face interpretation or “in-person interpretation” services. Because our goal is to bridge the gap of communication between you and your clients, we always make sure that your message will reach as clear, and as accurate as possible.

Our certified language interpreters convey every semantic element of the language you speak. They do also transmit every intention, and feeling of your message. At Elite TransLingo , we provide telephonic interpretation services for hundreds satisfied clients in the health care and the legal industries alone. We also serve certified interpreters for business meeting and conferences over the past decade.

With our trained, accredited , and certified interpreters , Elite TransLingo is proud to serve your interpretation requirements no matter what language you ask for. We cover all market segments, all languages, and specialties.

At Elite TransLingo we can also provide our interpretation equipment if needed. From microphones and headsets, interpretation booth, and portable interpretation equipment. We can also ship our interpretation equipment to your location overnight at a fraction of the cost.

In our relentless efforts to maintain reliable translators and interpreters, we subject our accredited interpreters to some of the most sophisticated language tests, and training in the industry.

Our certified interpreters master all fields of industry from general to legal interpretations, and from conference interpretations to international conventions and CEO meetings.

With us you do not need to worry about any interpretation requests when you assign it to Elite TransLingo. Even if you have a last minute interpretation assignment, we are here to help!

All what you need to do is to contact us with the details, and information for the upcoming interpretation event, including the languages required, and the location where you want the interpretation to take place.

One of our interpretation project managers will get back to you momentarily.

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The word transcription according to the English dictionary means “a written record of spoken words or music”. In the legal and medical communities official transcription of a medical record, a court hearing, or any other recorded files is very significant. It is essential to the doctor and his patient, the lawyer and his client to have an official written document from a recorded file.

As a local certified legal and medical transcription service providers in the state of California, you do not have to worry about assigning your court hearing, or medical report to overseas multiple companies for quote, or to other language vendors located in a different time zones, and waiting for their feedback by the next day or two. We at Elite TransLingo, provide one-stop language shop for all your certified legal and medical transcription needs.

We always include a certification of accuracy that has our company's official stamp on it. The certification of accuracy will also include our certified medical,or legal language expert's signature. This procedure is very important in all of our transcribed documents to be accepted for official purposes both inside, and outside the state of California. To add an additional official factor in all of or transcription services, we notarize all of our certified legal and medical documents as per our client's request.

Accuracy, and confidentiality are two main factors in our everyday transcription work. Whether you need medical or legal transcription services, confidentiality can not be compromised. At Elite TransLingo we have strict and rigorous confidentiality procedures for all of our translation and transcription services. Unlike other language vendors, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with all of our local language professionals. Not to mentioned that we conduct all of our transcription work through a secure local , and confidential environment

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Translation Industry- Elite TransLingo

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Certified Translation Services With High Quality and Affordable Rates.
Our Translation Quality Assurance
  • Technical Localization Project Initiated 

    Files received from the client, reviewed and analyzed by our translation and localization project managers. Translation, and localization budget is allocated and agreed upon with our client. A dedicated Project manager is assigned to work closely with our client,and localization terminology list is created
  • Professional Human Translation Started 

    Our highly trained localization project managers assign the files with its contents including- User Interface( UI) , diagrams, audio and media received from the client- to professional, native human linguists, language experts, and translators with long term of experience in the same subject matter. Translators send the files back to the project manager once completed.
  • Translation Review & Localization Testing 

    Our dedicated project managers send the files back to a different professional linguist and proofreader to check the translation for accuracy. Once the translation is accurate it goes to our localization testers to make sure that all diagrams, UI, videos, and audios are adjusted and matching the source files.
  • Project Delivery & Technical Support 

    Once the project is translated, proofread, localized and tested , our project managers will send the final localized project with its terminology list to the client. After delivering the localized and translated files, we still offer free and continuous language consultation, and technical localization support to our clients during the launching and marketing phases of the project.

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