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Android Application Localization Services

 Android App Translation ServicesAndroid is a smartphone operating system that is sometimes used on Android-based tablets, and other electronic devices. Android applications are multi-lingual, highly customizable, and user-friendly. Android applications were originally developed by Android inc. and it was acquired by Google on August 17, 2005. Since then many Android App Development Services have been successfully designing android apps.

As a global leader of Android application translation, and localization solutions,  Elite Translingo is capable of helping you with all kinds of Android application localization services you might need. Including the translation of the App user interface (UI), its files, and the translation of the application description into the language of your own choice.

At Elite TransLingo, we have been providing top-notch quality levels of Android and iPhone application translations and localization services since 2009. Our translators are native professional human linguists. Unlike other translation providers who use automated systems for translations, Elite Translingo is depending solely on its own human linguists to deliver authentic and acceptable  Android application translations that are both professional, and ready to be published for your audience.

In addition to all of the above benefits, we also protect the privacy of our customers, and accomplish your android application translations, and localization services in extreme confidentiality, and within your own budget expectations. With us you can receive a quick and affordable localization quote for a professional Android application translation, and localization delivered in high quality, and within the exact deadline, you might ask for.

 Choose your Target Market Audience

It is always important to decide the language(s) before venturing with your app into any market. Even the language variety itself makes a great difference. For example; Mandarin and Cantonese makes a difference whether you want your app for mainland China or Taiwan users. Once you choose the target market, and the expected audience for your application then you will have to get the files ready for translation, and localization.

Get your Android App Files Ready for Translation

Once you have chosen the target audience for your app, the next step is to get the Android files translated and localized into the languages of your own choice. To know the details on how to extract the files for your Android translation, and localization, you can find the best practices for getting the source files of your Android app from this Link

Get your Free Android App Translation Quote

When you have the source files ready, you can use our online quotation form to submit your .xm files, or any other file formats for a free translation quote. We accept and work on almost all kinds of file formats. We will also translate and localize your Android App store description, UI, and images. One of our localization project managers will get back to you with an exact price estimate, and a turnaround time to have your Android application translated and ready in real-time.