Professional Transcription Services


The word transcription according to the English dictionary means “a written record of spoken words or music”.  In the legal and medical communities official transcription of a medical record, a court hearing, or recorded files is very significant. Because it is essential to the doctor and his patient, the lawyer, and his client, and to any individual to have an official written document from a recorded file in general. We at Elite TransLingo have been serving professional and certified medical and legal transcription services to the local individuals,  and business communities in California, and all over the USA since 2009.

Certified Legal Transcription Services


    Transcription Services-ETL.. Elite TransLingo is a reliable multilingual and certified Legal transcription services company, providing high quality, affordable, and professional Legal Transcription services in California Since 2009.  As a local certified legal transcription service provider in California, you do not have to worry about assigning your legal audio to multiple companies for a quote , or to another company located in a different time zone, and waiting for their feedback by the next day or two. We are a one-stop language shop for all your certified legal transcription needs both in California and any state in the USA.

We provide certification of accuracy with all of our legal transcription services for official purposes. On the certification of accuracy we include an attestation from the legal transcriber on our company letterhead, with our stamp and the certified language professional signature on it. We also notarize the certified transcription and as per our client’s request. Our clients range from small law offices, to California courts and local government offices such as the Hayward Fire Department as an example.

Certified Medical Transcription Services


Medical_Records-Transcription-ETLMedical transcription (MT) is the process of converting medical voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, into text format. Those reports can be used by patients, doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers for official purposes.

At Elite TransLingo, we provide medical transcription services to doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare providers in California since 2009. Our medical transcribers are bilingual medical professionals who are local with the right training, and experience. We transcribe electronic records, or traditional voice recordings as well. Our medical transcribers are local and of all our transcription and client’s materials are highly confidential.

Confidential Transcription Services


Whether you need medical or legal transcription services, confidentiality is an essential part of our everyday work. At Elite TransLingo we have strict and rigorous confidentiality procedures for all of our translation and transcription services. Unlike other language vendors, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with all of our local language professionals.

All work is transmitted through our secure online server, and all emails are monitored with a strong Anti-virus program to prevent any unauthorized access to our important documentation. In our endless efforts to maximize the confidentiality part for all our certified medical and legal transcription services, we always give our clients the option to drop off the recordings to our office, and pick-up the certified transcription once it is ready.