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    Accurate & Certified Pharma Translation Services At Its Best

    Pharmaceutical TranslationWhen doing pharma translation services, we always pay close attention to two  major criteria: consistency in  pharmaceutical terminology, and consistency in the translation methodology . Also we put our client’s target audience as a priority in every phrase translated, and in every medical expression revealed in a different language.

    Our pharmaceutical translators are trained medical language experts who are accredited to translate medical, and pharmaceutical terminology into their own native language. Also We apply rigorous quality assurance measures on all of our Pharmaceutical and medical translation services.

    In the final phase of the translation, all vocabulary, words,  and phrases must pass through our quality assurance department. In this department we will review all the translations by separate pharmaceutical linguists. In this phase our language experts make sure the translation is ready before sending to the client or the end user.

    Over a Decade of Experience in Pharma Translation Services


    Introducing a new pharmaceutical product to a foreign market have been always a challenge. Taking into account the new market, local regulations, and the local  languages makes pharma translation services a must. Especially when the company wants to expand its production worldwide.

    There are many phases of pharmaceutical drug production; from pharmaceutical clinical research to regulations to manufacturing then marketing and packaging. All those phases will need forging language translation service at some point. Hence the pharma translation services play a key role in any successful pharma production.

    For example; To enter a foreign market it is crucial to have all marketing and packing material translated to suit that foreign market needs. Not to mention the accurate Pharma translation services that is needed during the regulatory documents submission, and also during the marketing phase.

    At Elite TransLingo , we are our client’s first destination for pharmaceutical translation services. We also discuss with our clients all the technical side of the project before the start of any translation. That is why we always assign dedicated project managers for each pharmaceutical and medical translation project. Our project managers are always ready to help and answer any technical questions.  After finalizing the actual text, our Desk top publishing team will be ready to do any DTP work on your materials. In our efforts to maximize the translation quality of the work. we collaborate with the right certified medical and pharmaceutical translators for each language, and for each job separately.

    Save Your Time and Money With When Translating With Elite TransLingo

    Hiring the right translation service with experience in the same field can safe you both time, and money. For instance, if a regulatory process of your approval is delayed or denied, it will cost the company money to redo it the right way. And most importantly it will also cost the wasted time which can lead other completion to establish itself in that market instead.

    At Elite TransLingo we do our very best to accomplish a satisfactory Pharma translation services that will get accepted first time, and safe our clients all the hassle from getting their documentation denied or getting accepted in the right global market of their dreams.

    Covering More Than 100 languages 

    Thinking of expanding your market globally?  Just be reaching to Elite TransLingo, you have accomplished a great deal of breaking the language barrier in your pharmaceutical marketing. We cover all languages even the rarest ones from Spanish to Swahili.  Just let us know your translation requirement by email or phone call, and we will be more than happy to help!

    We Translate The Following Types of Pharmaceutical Documentations 

    • Product Labels                                 Case Report Forms ( CRF )                                   Pharmaceutical research
    • Data Sheets                                       Patient Questionnaires                                         Manufacturing Process Description
    • Consent Forms                                 Pharmaceutical Manuals                                      Patient Information
    • Toxicology Reports                         Clinical Protocols and Trials                                  Regulatory Documentations
    • Pharmacological studies                                                                                                   Others