English Translation , Proofreading and Localization Services

English Translation ServicesAs an English translation and localization services provider with more than 1500 experienced native English translators and linguists, We are able to meet you English language needs no matter what specialty they might be. Elite TransLingo provides reliable, and professional English language translation , proofreading, and localization services. If you need your website, software, application, or document to sound more professional to the native English audience, you have come to the right place for English translation accuracy and professionalism. 

Our English Translation, and localization project managers will make sure your document assigned to the right English translator for the right specialty, and within your own budget expectations.

Elite TransLingo understands that even the slightest difference in a dialect spoken or written might have a great impact on customers’ decision regarding certain product or services. Hence many customers entrust their materials when delivered to Elite TransLingo for English translation or proofreading services. We do all kinds of English dialects including the American English, and the British, and Australian English all with top confidentiality levels.

Quick Facts About the English Language


Fifty three countries use English as an official language.     English is originated during the Anglo-Saxon Era.

1.5 billion speak English around the world.                            English is the main language of science and education.

375 million speak English as their first language.                English is a wide spoken languages in the world.

English is a West Germanic Language.                                A lot of the English words are derived from the Latin origin.

Affordable English Translation Rates With A Reliable, Accurate And High Quality Levels


We may also translate and proofread English materials for other English speaking countries, such as the English of Ireland ( Irish), New Zealand and Australia. Our rates are very affordable and competitive comparing to other translation agencies , and our translation quality is always reliable.  At Elite TransLingo, we cover all English language specialties including legal English translations, medical English translations and technical English translations as well. 

Our English language solutions include;  English translation and interpretation services, English subtitling and voice over services, English legal deposition services,English localization Services, and English proofreading and editing services.  Elite Translingo is depending solely on its own human English translators and linguists to deliver authentic translation, and proofreading services that are both professional and ready to be used for official purposes. We also protect the privacy of our customers’ information, and deliver your English translations and proofreading within your own budget expectations.