Certified Interpretation Services


Interpretation Services

The Interpretation services section in our company is concerned with facilitating oral communications both simultaneously and consecutively between our customers and their respective clients.  Since Elite TransLingo covers more than 150 of the world languages, our professional and certified interpreters are ready to help you with any simultaneous, or consecutive translation or interpretation services. We also provide professional over-the-phone interpretation services both inside the state of California and nationwide.

 Since our goal is to bridge the gap of communication between you and your clients, we always make sure that your message will reach as clear, and as accurately as possible. Our certified language interpreters do not only convey every semantic element of the language, but they do also convey every intention and feeling of the message that the source-language speaker is directing to the target-language recipients.

 At Elite TransLingo , we cover all the US states, and cities, we also send our professional, accredited, and certified translators and language experts overseas if requested. Our interpreters are ready to come to your business inside the US or even visit your company’s branch abroad for help with fluent interpretation services. We always provide certified interpretation services for courts, law offices, business meeting sessions, conferences, technical consultation sessions, human resources interviews, and professional language escorting services in the USA for tourists that can not speak the English language.

 Professional Onsite Interpretation Services


Group of businesspeople having a meeting.Our professional interprets are ready to go to your company’s location for a face-to-face interpretation or “in-person interpretation”. Our onsite interpretation division covers both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. In our relentless efforts to maintain reliable translators and interpreters, we subject our accredited interpreters to some of the most sophisticated language training tests in the industry.  Our certified interpreters and professional linguists master all fields of the industry from general to legal interpretations, and from conference interpretations to international conventions and CEO meetings.

With us, you do not need to worry about any interpretation requests when you assign them to Elite TransLingo. All that you need to do is to contact us with the details and information for the upcoming interpretation event, including the languages required, and the location where you want the interpretation to take place. One of our interpretation project managers will get back to you momentarily with the total price expectation for your interpretation assignment. We always recommend our clients to get back to us with enough time to assign a specialized translator for your event, however, if you ran out of time and resort to our company, Elite TransLingo would not turn you down. We will make sure that your event comes out as successful, and impressive as possible, just leave us a note and we will take care of the rest!

Conference interpretation Services

Conference interpretation  Are you looking for simultaneous, or consecutive conference interpretation services in the cities of; Hayward, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Dublin, Fremont, Newark, Walnut Creek, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, or any other city in the Bay Area or even any location in the USA?

Do you need simultaneous interpretation equipment? What about your last-minute request for a certified language translator for your meeting, or event?

If you need any of the above professional language translation and interpretation services, you do not have to worry at all. Because we at Elite TransLingo are here to help you locate the best, qualified local conference interpreter for your meeting or event, and within the most affordable rates. We even accept last minute interpretation assignments, and we do also provide translation equipment rental including microphones, receivers, transmitters, headsets, and an interpretation booth. We support almost all states, counties, and cities inside the USA, we even support overseas interpretation locations in Mexico, South America, and worldwide if needed.

All that you need to do is to call us for more details about your interpretation assignment, including the time, location, and languages needed. And our interpretation project manager will get back to you momentarily with an accurate price estimate for both the interpretation itself and for the conference interpretation equipment if needed.

At Elite TransLingo, we support over 80 local languages in the USA including but not limited to :

Spanish Portuguese Tagalog Korean Polish
Mandarin Cantonese Italian Japanese Turkish
Russian French Hindi Farsi Filipino
Arabic Vietnamese Punjabi Pashtu Other Languages


Certified Medical Interpretation Services 

medical interpretation

If you are a patient, a doctor, or even a healthcare provider, it is very important to communicate in your own language. And because you do not want to take any chances when it comes to your own health,  your patient’s records, or your medical case, you need to hire the right medical translator. You can also get a certified language interpreter for your medical appointment, your healthcare provider meeting,  or to get a general understanding of your patient’s foreign medical documents, and medical records for better diagnostics of the case.

At Elite TransLingo we bridge the language barriers between the doctors, and the patients making sure both parties communicate efficiently, on the exact appointment and time requested, and by a certified professional medical interpreter.

If your clinic or hospital needs an over-the-phone medical interpretation service for one or some of your patients, Elite TransLingo can also provide a real-time medical interpreter over the phone to serve and even exceed your expectations.

Certified Legal Interpretation Services 

Certified Legal_Translation Services Elite TransLingo provides local, professional, and certified court interpreters for every legal situation you might need, including but not limited to any: deposition, mediation, court hearing, law office meetings, and over-the-phone legal interpretation services.

Our local court-certified interpreters are ready to attend your deposition, hearing, or mediation within 24 hours’ notice. We can even accept all last-minute, same-day interpretation requests, and assign a local court-certified interpreter if available.

Whether you need a legal Spanish translator, legal Portuguese translator, legal Chinese translator, legal Cantonese translator, or any other language, Elite TransLingo can help you locate and assign a local court-certified interpreter for any language, at the exact time requested, and within your own budget expectations.

Over-The-Telephone Interpretation Services


interpretation over the phoneOver-The-phone interpretation is the most cost-effective option for many of our clients, especially in the legal and health care industries. Most of our satisfied clients ask for over-the-phone interpretation services to cut down the transportation costs that our certified translators charge per each assignment. If you do not need an in-person interpreter you should rely on over-the-phone interpretation. Also if your company wants to make a long-distance conference call with an interpreter, our language specialists are always ready to pick up your phone.

We at Elite TransLingo provide telephonic interpretation services and cultural solutions for hundreds of satisfied clients in the health care and the legal industries alone, serving them professionally over the past decade. With our trained, accredited, and certified interpreters who cover all market segments and specialties, Elite TransLingo is proud to serve your telephone interpretation requirements no matter what language you ask for. Elite TransLingo will make sure the translator is ready, on the exact time you specify waiting to take your call to communicate your message in a professional and responsible manner.

Zoom Interpretation Services

Elite TransLingo adopted Zoom and other virtual interpretation technology, Due to COVID-19 and social distancing. At Elite TransLigno we help clients connect directly with qualified interpreters through zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google meets. 

We service wide areas of clients from small business meetings to big organizations’ webinars. And from School parents meetings to workshops and employee presentations. Zoom and virtual interpreting allow us to bridge the gap of communication with clients, and at the same time, we help keep our local and national communities safe. 

At Elite Translingo, we do virtual interpretation services and at the same time cover more than 150 languages. Our languages include Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Dari, Pashto, and more languages as well.  If you need Zoom interpretation services, or any other virtual platform interpreting,  look no further and contact us now for a risk-free quote.