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website localizationWebsite translation is the process of adapting and localizing your website content to meet the languages of your target audience. Knowing that millions of US and Canadian residents talk a second language at home other than English, and prefer to surf the web with other languages such as the Spanish, Chinese, and French, means that the non-English speakers represent the fastest-growing sectors of online users today.

When you localize or translate the contents of your website into any language, you have a better chance for seizing a bigger market share, and reaching more Hispanic and other communities that represent a valuable market segment for any organization. While translating and localizing your website, we carefully take into account your target audience, their ethnic backgrounds, and their cultural heritage. We make sure that the style of the language including; grammar and vocabulary is reflecting your client’s needs and requirements on the website that you want to translate and localize. This in turn can be really helpful when it comes to moments of direct customer contact such as when you may be using a service such as a live chat that is hipaa compliant or a customer review software as communication is key for a business.

 Bridging the Gap of Communication Between your Company and your Future Customers

website translation-ETLAt Elite TransLingo we do more than just rendering a translation of your website content, we bridge the gap of communication between two languages, two cultures, and two worlds. Because we take into account the cultural significance of everything on your website, whether it is a picture, a religious symbol, or a color. We recommend our client to adopt a few and simple changes if required to match the expectation from their clients in a different culture. And because we believe that our client is our business partner and not a one time customer.

When you choose to localize and translate your website with us, all that you need to do is to send us an HTML, text, or a word file version of your website source files, which can be easily provided to you by your webmaster. If for any reason you could not find the source files in an HTML file format, do not worry about it, just send us an email letting us know that you are willing to translate and localize your website contents and we will be more than happy to help you out. One of our trained website localization project managers will be able to assist you and send you an accurate turnaround time and affordable cost estimate to translate and localize the contents of your website.

Strict Quality Assurance and Confidentiality  Measures in our Website Translation Process

We at Elite Translingo adopt rigorous quality assurance measures when it comes to our professional website translation and localization services that we have been serving our loyal clients since 1995. We also protect the confidentiality of all the contents of your websites including any legal texts, customer information, images, and user interface. We always sign strict non-disclosure agreements with our local translators and language experts. So rest assured that your website will be translated, and localized in confidential and professional procedures that include the following:

Analyzing  the Files

Once you send us the source files to be translated and localized, our localization project manager will analyze the file formats to assess the engineering aspect of all the works involved, then provide you with an accurate cost and turnaround time estimate for returning your website files translated and localized.

Project Initiation 

In this phase of our website localization process, our website project manager will extract the localized contents of your website including texts, images, user interface, graphics, and diagrams. Then we will prepare a terminology list for the translation process to ensure consistency of the language on the entire website before the translation process.

Human Translation

In this step, our website localization project manager will assign the editable parts of the website, and its text to professional native language experts with experience in the same subject matter of your website to start the translation process. Our project manager also will be in contact with your webmaster for some technical aspects of the website localization process if needed. Then a professional native human translation will be conducted on the contents of your website.

Reviewing and Editing 

After the translation is done, a separate proofreader will go through all the translated materials to make sure there are no omissions, mistakes, or any stylistic or grammatical issues in the language of the website itself. Our localization project manager will assign some images or texts that are not editable to desktop publishing engineers if needed. Our DTP engineers will also review and edit the contents to match the localized final user interface if required.

Testing, Launching, and Support

Our highly trained and professional Localization testing engineers will go through the entire translated and localized website for final steps of bug fixing, testing, and launching the contents of your website. We will also test the website localization and language functionality providing continuous help and support if needed.